Connecting Markets

An agricultural producer’s goal is to maximize the value of the products they produce. A food or pharmaceutical processor depends on a reliable supply of quality-controlled agricultural products for processing, delivered on schedule at the most competitive price.

By acting as principal buyer and seller of these goods, Bassett & Walker International, Inc. (BWI) connects thousands of producers and processors across the globe.

Facing a constantly changing global marketplace where complicated international logistical issues, governmental compliance, and fluctuating currencies can mean the difference between success and failure, BWI ensures that the demands of producers and processors are satisfied.

From the fields of the Pampas in Argentina to the metropolis of Beijing, China, BWI speaks the language of our clients. BWI personnel travel hundreds of thousands of miles each year to visit clients in more than 55 countries to understand their processes and requirements and to seek the opportunities that lead to value creation.  We manage the risks associated with international trade and ensure competitive pricing with the goodwill that is essential for long-term relationships.

BWI seeks out market opportunities where they do not exist and uses extensive relationships with the highest levels of government to try to overcome market access issues and allow the creation of value for our clients.