Damaris Puga

Damaris is leading the implementation of TradeCafé® and has successfully onboarded more than 1000 existing clients (buyers, suppliers, and service providers) to the platform. These clients include Walmart and other national and multi-national organizations in a variety of countries with varying degrees of available technology. She works with the management team to execute TradeCafé®’s implementation & marketing strategy translating stakeholder feedback to a tangible value proposition on TradeCafé®’s platform and mobile applications.

Damaris has experience in the implementation and marketing of software across several industries with firms such as Medtronic, General Electric and Wrangler. She also held various roles in a multi-national company focused on food supply within the USA, Japan and Russia. Damaris holds an MBA designation from Wilfrid Laurier University, and is fluent in Spanish and English.