Our Multilingual Team

Our Multilingual Team

The team at Bassett & Walker International, Inc. (BWI) is comprised of educated, multilingual, and multinational professionals who are experienced in the areas in which they operate. Every team member at BWI brings years of experience to the role that they play, be it farm production, food processing, international trade, finance, logistics, or customer service.

Nicholas Walker

Nicholas Walker

José Caro

Erika Bastidas

Harry Pino

Maria Malvezzi

Kimberly Pino

Maria Fortuna

Jeymy Godinez

Gennovy Montoya

Helen Soares

Alicia Fernandez

Mansour Ashtiani

Dayanna Orbe

Allan Bean

Cristina Juarrero

Gabriela Nunez

Damaris Puga

Magno Quenca

Raquel Martinez

Fernanda Cardona

Hilary Walker

Girlesa Nino

Francisco Barajas

Susanne McCaroll

Laura Yanez