Award winner: the meat movers

Bassett & Walker International, which connects farmers with food processors in Latin America, are honoured at the HSBC International Business Awards. The scope is mind-boggling. Every day, Bassett & Walker International (BWI) buys agricultural commodities from producers in Mexico, and Latin and South America. Then it sells them to processors in some 40 countries. The […]

Bassett & Walker International, Inc. wins inaugural Leadership in International Trade in Latin America Award

Toronto, May 11, 2011 — Bassett & Walker International, Inc. has won the inaugural HSBC Leadership in International Trade in Latin America Award. As part of the Business without Borders program, the HSBC International Business Awards honours Canadian companies that have successfully branched out beyond our borders. “Latin America has a rich history, economy and […]

HSBC Bank Canada Announces Winners of the HSBC International Business Awards

VANCOUVER, May 11 /CNW/ – HSBC Bank Canada has announced the four winners of the inaugural HSBC International Business Awards, which celebrate the best of Canadian companies doing business abroad. The awards were developed by HSBC Bank Canada, in partnership with Business without Borders, to recognize Canadian firms that have made a real difference in […]

La Banque HSBC Canada Annonce Les Gagnats Des Prox D’Affaires Internationales HSBC

VANCOUVER, le 11 mai /CNW/ – La Banque HSBC Canada a annoncé le nom des quatre gagnants des premiers Prix d’affaires internationales HSBC, qui rendent hommage aux entreprises canadiennes se distinguant le plus sur la scène internationale.Les Prix d’affaires internationales HSBC, une initiative de la Banque HSBC Canada lancée en partenariat avec Affaires sans frontières, […]