New Market Access



Argentine beef producers had for a long time depended on the domestic market as their sole source of revenue. Argentine cattlemen produce large volumes of cattle. As a result there is the potential for oversupply of the domestic market demand, making live cattle prices and returns sensitive to the pressures of the local market.


Bassett & Walker International, Inc. (BWI) sees the export market potential before others do and acts, assisting local governments, industry, and constituents of potential export markets in opening up trade opportunities in new markets.

This gives Argentine producers access to new export markets for their products. These new export markets provide a large demand-pull and better price and returns to the producers, and BWI provides the market with the liquidity it needs to maximize returns to the producer.


Processors in many countries benefit from the additional new source of high quality, competitively priced beef that BWI supplies from this and other new market sources.